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The only sensible design i can think of since books can have 20 authors is to always use a junction table and dont bother storing the authorid in the book table some of the time and dont even think about storing a commaseparated list of authorids, please, or adding author2, author3. Search amazon of perry and you find a host of them, including two popular womens writers. For example, the way that you reference a single author will differ somewhat from how you reference a source with multiple authors. Second, you can include both identifiers at the end of the sentence, being sure to include the first initial, like so. This will lead to confusion and disappointment if the characters are in fact different. When citing different authors with the same last name, include their first and middle initials, so that a reader can differentiate between them. I have been working on a book by david bland who was a bibliographer and wrote books about the history of book illustration and he is in there with books by another david bland on a completely unrelated subject. Some are a powerhouse team, like kill the farmboy by delilah s. Many authors per book, but each author can have at most one book highly unlikely this way, youll put a foreign key in the author table, linking that author to the book.

Publishers usually do title checks, but im sure it happens all the time. Its impossible to even estimate the number of people who have entitled a book collected poems. Many male romance novel authors have taken female pen names for the same reason, like harold lowry leigh greenwood and bill spence jessica blair. If a book has three or more authors, there are slightly different rules. Using different author names or a pseudonym as a writer. When the first authors of multiple references have the same surname and the same initialsbut they are different peoplethen adding initials to the intext citations wont help readers tell the authors apart. Dawson and kevin hearne and the soontobe released what if its us by besties becky albertalli and adam silvera. The risk you run is that if two books, by the same author, have main characters with the same name, readers may assume both books are about the same character. The order also needs to be the same for anyall editions of the same book. For example, if you have a novel that was originally released in 1995, and then rereleased in 2007 with a new cover and the same content, we can link those two editions so customers are aware of their buying options. Sometimes it is just the addition of a middle name or initial but some make a more substantial change. If you add two versions of the same book that have exactly the same title, author, and other book information, they will automatically link to one another within 48 hours. If youre an indie selfpublished author and only write under a single pen name, theres no need to upgrade to publisher status.

One does not have to change their name to author a book. Not everyone is entitled to use their actual name in commerce due to the likelihood of confusion and passing off if someone else has their same. And some are even written by actual couples, like the forthcoming. How to cite two authors with the same last name in the mla. Write a sql query that gives the unique names of all authors who have written a book where one of the books authors has the name ullman i. Note that the intext citation for the coauthored book uses the first author s initials and surname, but only the second author s surname. Note however, if both authors also have the same initial, as originally stated in your question title but not your actual example it will fail the proper apa citation form for these is firstname lastname year and in the bibliography lastname, f. This does not mean that they have a absolute right to use that name as a trademark however. If two editions of the same multiauthor book do not have the same author listed first, the books can not be.

All by different authors two about prince john, and one about prince edward later to become edward ii 18 jburlinson. Consider, if you read a mystery novel about sherlock holmes by sir arthur conan doyle and you loved the character of holmes. The other two instances of smith are names, not references. For example, how do you cite a work where some or all of. A lot of books have the same title as at least one other book. Smashwords about smashwords publisher documentation. When authors of 2 works published in the same year have the same surname, include the initials of the author in the intext citation and separate the names by a semicolon and space. If i refer to two people with the same last name in my. So there is a difference between authoring a book under your natural name of simon schuster versus operating a.

Hi,the book listed underneath this post is by an author or an alias with. And a lot of times it wont matter, if the first book with that title is old and out of print. How can i just have the one edition of my book associated with my name. When a book has multiple authors they should be listed according to the order they show on the cover, if possible. Same name, different book list five books parlour game. When not using a narrative, write out the authors surnames and use a semicolon. Example of same author surnames narrative and paraphrase. Thereafter, provide both the first and last names if there is ever any ambiguity about whom you might mean. Normalization of library book table with multiple authors. The reference is in brackets afterwards, and is made up of just a date because the name part of the reference is not required when the authors have just been named in the sentence. If you refer to two people with the same last name, repeat their full names for subsequent mentions whenever your reader might not be certain which person you are discussing.

There are only so many words in the english language, so its inevitable that, of the thousands of characters in fiction, some will have the same name. Yes, authors do change their name to avoid clashes. If a work has two authors, link their names with an ampersand. When using initials in the text of a sentence do not invert the first name. And as paul auster wrote, writing is a solitary business. How could two authors hope to collaborate and blend their work successfully. I accidentally gave my fictional character the same. Who knows their secret, but some writing duos pull off the challenge with aplomb. Both have names that are easy to spell but so uncommon that theyre not competing with a hundred other authors with the same name.

Multiple works by different authors in the same citation. So in this case as addressed previously on the blog, include these authors full first names in the intext citations. How write down to database multiple authors in simple. The publisheragent upgrade is only intended for publishers or literary agents who plan to upload the books of two or more authors or pen names. It is possible and quite common for two or more books to share the same title. I know a lot of authors who will not even tell anyone the name of a work. Some authors write or have written under multiple names. Can you use the same book title thats been used before. For further information on how to order references by authors with the same last name in the reference list. Some are written under a single pen name, like charles todd and christina lauren.

Authors with the same surname apa style citation utep. What you should know about being a published book author. Asa citations for books with three or more authors. When authors of two separate works in your works cited list have the same surname, include the first initial of the author you are referencing in the intext citation. If you discuss two authors who have the same last name, provide both the first and last names at first mention. When the first authors of multiple references have the same surname but different. Ample proof of this newspaper trend was discovered by a leading. There are a tremendous number of books with two authors.

But those who are publishing a book for the first time, or who aspire to, might have unrealistic expectations of the publishing experience. I want to sell books under my name, but i dont know if the other author can sue me for writing. Many erotica and romance writers use pseudonyms because the nature of their writing means that they would rather keep their true identity secret. For two authors with the same last name, use the authors first initial, like so.

But if you were planning to title your thriller the da vinci codea specific title associated with a bestselling seriesyoud better make other arrangements. The name nicky epstein is used by at least two and possibly more authors. For two different books can the main character have the. Citation of two authors with same surname using apa style. It is best to avoid this situation unless you are positive that there wont be any confusion between the two titles. Some authors go one step further and opt out of the whole gender identity thing altogether, either because they are nonbinary or because they dont want audiences coming to the book with. When the first authors of multiple references have the same surname but different initials, include initials for the first authors in the intext citations. Nowadays, authors dont really have to use a pen name like many authors throughout history had to. Your name in print on a book jacket, having your words in print, and the respect of having accomplished publishing your work. Apa format establishes a number of clear rules for how to list reference works using author information.

The apacite package which can be used with natbib does this automatically. A lot of books have bizarre titles that are hard to remember, like the. Governments can no longer control the free flow of information. You cant a title and sometimes finding a good one is harder than writing the freaking book. If the reference list includes different authors with the same surname and the first initial.

We are the authors of the times edge scififantasy series. Arrange works by different authors with the same surname alphabetically by first initial. Here are the top reasons why you shouldnt use a pen name. Morgan found ample proof of this newspaper readership trend 759. The authors other names may be added in the other author fields. On the first intext citation, all authors names should be stated.

The cell phone and satellite television have reached even the remotest indonesian village a critique, 2001, p. In order not to confuse the reader, include initials for those authors with the same surnames only. Also, if you publish your book through a publisher, they might require that you change the name anyway, even if it is original or common, simply because they have a better idea of what kind of name attracts your audience. Score a books total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. The same can also be true of memoir writers who may want to protect people in the book, particularly political or medical stories where litigation may be more likely. Youve found the perfect title for your book but come to find its already been used by another author. How you reference different sources varies depending on the number of authors to whom the source is attributed. If your book is tentatively titled one moment in timea general phrase that really doesnt separate it from the packand another book shares that name, youll likely be ok. If i am discussing two authors with the same last name, do. Your intext citations should always include the first initial along with the last name, or, if the first initials of two authors are the same, the full first name along with. If you add two versions of the same book that have exactly the same title, author, and other book information, they will.

Never include initials for second or subsequent authors in intext citations. To prevent confusion, use first initials with the last names. If you have two sources by the same author in the same year, use lowercase letters a, b, c with the year to order the entries in the reference list. Johnson, 1998 two or more works by the same author in the same year. Scott bakker born 1967 david baldacci born 1960 faith baldwin 18931978 james baldwin 19241987 j. When editing or adding information for a book written by an author with multiple names, enter the authors name as it appears on the front cover as the primary author. They will probably go for a variant of katherine, if it is a woman. For example, in the following excerpt, from an essay by melissa girard that mentions several people with the last name johnson, the author gives the full name of each person in most instances. You could have two such authors with the same book id, but it means you dont have to duplicate the. Its easy to understand why authors would feel that way. Is there a problem with two authors having the same name.

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