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First, theyre sour, then sour patch strawberries are sweet. Paradise punch, pineapple, tropical twist, and passion fruit. Sour patch kids sort by position name price new set descending direction 14 items. The signature assorted fruit flavors create a sour then sweet treat that satisfies your taste buds. Time has proven that sour patch kids candy, and many other sour candies that have been born since the 70s, are definitely here to stay. They have 150 calories per every 16 pieces and contain 21 servings per bag. Sour patch kids soft and chewy candy, assorted, 5 pound bulk bag description. This sour patch kids candy corn bag is a refreshing twist on the classic halloween candy. Or maybe you just found the worlds largest box of sour patch kids. Browse the vast selections of over 6,000 fresh candies ready to ship right to your door. Assorted fruit flavors offer a variety of options that are sour.

Bulk candy store online candy shop candy warehouse. Funny that if i had bought a bag, i surely would have noticed the new packaging. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. You can get these deliciously tart chewy watermelon. It didnt give me any gut wrenching, agonising pain. Worlds largest box of sour patch kids candy itsugar. Sour patch kids gummy candy are the cute treat with a tangy bite. This party size pack come in a resealable bag and is available in 2 or 5 pounds of awesome of your favorite sour then. Now, years later, whenever i see a bag of sour patch kids, i think of my mother and our shopping trips. There are some changes to store opening hours learn more. Just two days i was thinking i havent had sour patch kids in years. They were a big hit with my kids who enjoyed having them as a treat.

Enjoy your favorite sour patch kids lime flavor all by itself, the way you always. Bag from americas mouthwatering online bulk candy store. Choose your patch from our collection of patches for clothes and ironon patches for jeans, including disney patches, sailor moon, star wars, pokemon, skulls and much more. Evenly divide chili mixture into 3 1gallon ziptop plastic freezer bags. Wholesale iron on patches buy cheap iron on patches 2020 on. The wholesale candy shop has 5pound bags of peach sour patch kids at discount prices. Soft, chewy, and fun, sour patch kids is the mischiefmaking gummy candy both.

Granted the bag was bigger than what you can buy in regular stores, but it still was misleading to say the worlds largest box of sour patch kids, when it really isnt a box full. Sour patch kids are soft and chewy, sweet and sour, and allaround delicious. The sour patch kids candies are a fatfree food low in sodium. If theres anything i love more than sour candy, its sour candy sold in bulk. Pour the bag of treats into a bowl and set it out on the table for everyone to share. Sour patch kids are over 30 yearsold and were one of the first novelty gummi candies available. Bad batch of sour patch kids sorry for potato quality but heres a photo. Shop wholesale products such as groceries, household products, and health supplies. This pack contains assorted original flavor sour patch kids. Sour patch watermelon slices look like tiny, sugardusted pieces of watermelon.

All your favorite flavors are right here for the choosing, contains funfilled sour patch kids ingredients. Thats right, contained in this glorious giant candy box is 1. Sour patch candy in bulk sour patch kids were originally created by frank galatolie, under the name of sour group kids. Enjoy a candy treat that teasingly starts out sweet before releasing the sour burst flavor. Our bulk sour patch kids bags gives you lots of delicious gummies for snacking and. Add a little fun to your snack with the unique kid shapes that gives this movie theater candy its name. Made to feel soft and chewy, this candy keeps you and your staff keep coming back for more. Source discount and high quality products in hundreds of categories wholesale direct from china. Nutrition facts serving size 21 pieces calories 150 total fat 0 g total carbohydrate 37 g sugars 26 g protein 0 g ingredients sugar, invert sugar, corn syrup, modified corn starch, tartaric acid, citric acid, natural and artificial flavoring, yellow 6, red 40, yellow 5 and blue 1. These soft and chewy sour candies are a popular treat among the kids these days.

Cook a big bag of plain pinto beans, then sauceseason them differently depending on your mood. Make a quick chili, smash then refried and use them in nachostacos, or add ketchupbrown sugarbbq sauce. The sour patch kids have been busy cultivating their watermelon patch all year, and now its finally time for the big harvest. Soft and chewy, shaped like bitesized tots, our bulk sour patch kids candies deliver a serious flavor contrast that not only keeps things interesting from start to finish, but keeps kids and adults alike coming back for more. Each bag lasted me a few weeks and i enjoyed them exceptionally. See more ideas about sour patch kids, patches and sour candy. This delicious sour then sweet candy comes in assorted fruit flavors to delight your taste buds, and the large kidshaped pieces are two times bigger than the original for even more of a sour then sweet treat. Bring the sourthensweet chewy candy sensation to your operation with sour patch kids, americas number oneselling confection brand.

Sign up for our emails to join our exclusive rewards program. Soft, chewy, and fun, these candies have serious vacay vibes and come in 4 fruity flavors. At nuts in bulk you will find a large selection of nuts and dried fruits. I would quickly open the bag and spread the sour patch kids out on the table, carefully separated by color.

Sour patch kids pack big flavor in their bite size fun shapes. Theyll make a great addition to a bachelorette party or baby shower. Sour patch kids are a fun, soft, and chewy candy for children and adults. I like them mixed with scrambled eggs, salsa, and sour cream. This pack comes with 280 individually wrapped big sour patch kidsideal for offices. All your favorite flavors are right here for the choosing, contains funfilled sour patch kids ingredients this package contains a 3. Sour brite gummy worms contain all the gratifying goodness of the original crawlers in a tiny size. Brave the tang first then enjoy the soft and sweet interior. Pick your favorite sour patch kid flavor to create a one of a kind mix. Thaw frozen chili overnight in refrigerator or defrost in microwave. Shop for major brands of bulk candy and bag candy, all in big party backs. Including iron man arc reactor and iron pets at wholesale prices from iron on patches manufacturers.

This fun and chewy candy is loved by kids of all ages. Sour brite crawlers gummy candy, 5 pound bulk candy bag youtube. Their pink and green coloring makes them perfect to put out at any pinkthemed party. Sour patch kids soft and chewy candy, assorted, 5 pound bulk bag. Near the bottom of the bag, the sour patch kids started to get stuck to the inside of the bag. Let your imagination and taste buds run wild with soft, chewy, and fun. Product title sour patch kids sour gummi candy bulk candy 2 pounds.

And when you buy sour patch kids bulk bags brimming with hundreds of tiny chewy gummies, theyll stay in your pantry a lot longer than a peg bag, too. Sour patch kids soft and chewy candy, assorted, 5 pound bulk. Avoiding the trend to mutate greencolored candies into green apple flavor lookin at you, skittles, sour patch left their green limeflavored and, for better or worse, the little citrus fruit is given its due, starting with a peculiar household cleaner flavor. I bought the big bag of sour patch kids sweet and sour gummy candy for my nephews and they love them. I bought two bags for an event i cohosted, packaging individual servings in small treat boxes, and there wasnt a single one left at the end. If you love our selection of ironon patches for clothes and jeans, check out our lanyards, pins, band patches and other accessories. Boxed sells wholesale products and delivers them straight to your door. Theyre also a perfect pick for valentines, as their sour taste is sure to make your guests pucker up. Sour patch candy 5 lb bag sour candy bulk candy store. These soft chew candies have a fun, soft and chewy texture. Soft and chewy candies have the traditional sour patch kids shape for a hint of mischief. They come in a resealable bag for you to take out the ones that you want and keep the rest fresh. It was my first real diet screw up since my gallbladder attack.

The combination of sweet and sour is what makes these one of our best selling bulk candies. Candy warehouse is the online bulk candy store that has it all. This fatfree candy has a sweet taste, a fun fish shape and vibrant color making it an ideal sweet treat for office parties and special events as well as a delicious reward. Use our product locator to find out where you can buy sour punch near you, or shop online at our official store. Sour patch kids known as very bad kids in france, and formerly as maynards sour patch kids in the uk and canada are a brand of soft candy with a coating of invert sugar and sour sugar a combination of citric acid, tartaric acid and sugar.

Ring pop rito rm palmer runk candy sconza skittles candy smarties candy sour patch sour punch sorbee spangler candy storck candy sunrise swedish fish sweet treats sweetarts candy sweets candy company sweetworks candy taffy town topps candy tootsie roll taste of nature trolli trident twizzlers candy vidal doschers walnettos warrell products. Sour patch kids soft and chewy candy, assorted, 5 pound. Trolli sour lovers assorted gummy candy variety mix, 2. These party supplies are great for sharing at a party or enjoying them by yourself at home. Find the best selection of cheap iron on patches in bulk here at. The soft chewy favorite of children and adults is sure to please at summer parties and in the new 3.

Sour brite crawlers gummy candy, 5 pound bulk candy bag. Instead of buying a bag, i opted to get some in bulk from my grocery store. It was a giant box, with a smaller bag inside, that didnt even fill to the very top with candy. Sour patch strawberry you will love the sweet then sour taste great for a snack anytime. Find out just how sweet when you add a 10oz bag of fruity strawberry sour patches to your online cart today. Each 10ounce bags holds more than enough gummies so you can share with your friends. Theyre very popular in the states, and come in a wide variety of fruity flavours and sizes. They are sweet and chewy and packed with sour patch pucker power. Some of our most popular products are almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamias, pistachios, pecans, peanuts, brazils and pine nuts. A day later, i come on here, and theres your update on sour patch kids. Sour patch kids candy watermelon, 80 ounce bag, pack of 6. My sour patch kids mix is the perfect personalized gift for all occasions.

I would eat them one by one, making my best puckeredup sour faces after every one, much to the amusement of my mother. Sour brite crawlers gummy candy, 5 pound bulk candy bag get this product. It was a giant box, with a smaller bag inside, that didnt even fill to the very top. Tropical sour patch kids candy are mischieffilled sourthensweet treats. Originally shaped as martians in the 1970s, but in the 1980s shaped was change to kids due the craze of the cabbage patch kids. Corn bags sour patch kids emo goth bulk candy candy bowl big party nerd geek halloween candy sour patches. Theyre great for children and adults as a snack for any occasion. Apr 30, 2019 sour brite crawlers gummy candy, 5 pound bulk candy bag get this product. Sour patch kids are the original sour candies, with sweet, fruity jelly centers and a sour, sandy coating on the outside.

Ordered 5 of these bulk bags, only 4 arrived box was far too large, poor taping job. This bulk package contains 12 resealable 9 oz big bags of big sour patch kids. Each colorful candy is smothered in a layer of sour sugar granules. The sour patch kids candies will give your child a bit of a sour flavor then a sweet flavor. Product title sour patch kids sour gummi candy bulk candy 2 pounds average rating. We will notify you as soon as your pick up order is ready to collect or your home delivery order has been shipped. Itsugar worlds largest box of sour patch kids candy. Each piece features a childlike shape with little arms and legs and a silly smile. Use our product locator to find out where you can buy sour. Having been a sour patch kids enthusiast for many years, you could imagine my excitement as my eyes were graced with 3. Buy peachflavored sour patch kids wholesale 5 lb bag. Add this bulk package of tropical sour patch kids candy to your cart for sour then sweet treats.

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