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Kilometers of underground corridors with impressive chambers, chapels and emerald salt lakes hide the history. But for the hundreds of years before it was completely opened to the public it was a driving force in the local economy and one of the main employers of the region. Prus combined his powerful impressions of the salt mine with the description of the ancient egyptian labyrinth, in book ii of herodotus. Wieliczka salt mine is said to be the oldest operating business in poland. It made it possible to obtain salt by mining methods the first shaft leading underground was. Just ask the driver to make sure youre going to the krakow salt mine at wieliczka.

You can be dropped off near the place of the pickup at the city center of krakow. Thats why each year, the salt chambers host several hundred different events organised by state and local government institutions as well as private companies and enterprises. Discover an underground world of dark pits and chambers made from salt at wieliczka salt mine. Wieliczka salt mine is a product of work of tens of generations of. In the th century it was known as the largest source of salt in poland, and over the years it became crucial for the countrys economy.

In 1774, guest books were introduced to be signed by visitors. Wieliczka salt mine is located in the town of wieliczka in southern poland. During the th century, villagers first discovered rock salt deposits in poland. The wieliczka salt mine, located in southern poland, near krakow, is over 700 years old. Find the right tour for you through wieliczka salt mine.

Kopalnia soli bochnia in bochnia, poland is one of the oldest salt mines in the world and the oldest company in poland. Visit one of the oldest working salt mines in the world wieliczkas salt mine. The most popular month to go is september, which has the most number of tour departures. Jana mikolaja danilowicza 10, wieliczka 32020 poland. Follow an expert guide through the mines tunnels and chambers and discover the chapel of the blessed kinga, an exhibition on the history of polands saltmining, figures carved from salt and more. Please mind that the tour begins with climbing down 380 steps and the. Incredible polish wieliczka salt mine is underground city. With seven centuries of existance, the history of wieliczka salt mine covers thousands of already written works. I went to the salt mines of wieliczka in 2002 with my wife who was born in poland and it is one of the most amazing feats of artistry, especially considering the time period that these amazing artistic creations were executed, i have traveled fairly extensively and i will never forget the awe inspiring beauty of the salt mines of wieliczka. Kinga was a hungarian princess set to marry the sovereign of krakow, poland. The town was founded in 1290 by duke premislas ii of poland. The wieliczka salt mine remained functional for centuries. If you book with tripadvisor, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour for a full refund.

Explore the underground world of the wieliczka salt mine on a halfday tour from krakow. Wieliczka salt mine krakow, poland attractions lonely. The year 1978 proved to be important for the contemporary history of the mine, bringing the addition to the unesco world cultural and natural heritage list, as did the year 1992 water leakage in the mina crosscut. Weve got 58 tours going to wieliczka salt mine, starting from just 3 days in length, and the longest tour is 26 days. The history of wieliczka dates back to the middle ages, when it was proudly named the magnum sal the great salt. See all 151 wieliczka salt mine tickets and tours on tripadvisor. It was opened in the th century and since then it has been continuously exploited. From neolithic times, sodium chloride was produced there from the upwelling brine. Jana mikolaja danilowicza 10, wieliczka 32020, poland. This is one of the best attractions we have ever been to see, you have a guided tour of the mine and see the sculptures created by some of the miners after their shifts had finished, lasts about two hours or more. The salt gets rid of bacteria too so youre good to go.

From its beginning and throughout its existence, the royal mine was run by the zupy krakowskie salt mines. The work that went on here is something i had never imagined, and i learned so much about poland and history from the experience. Kopalnia soli wieliczka, in the town of wieliczka, southern. See all 147 wieliczka salt mine tickets and tours on tripadvisor.

Legendary origins legend has it that queen kinga, wife of wladislav, then the king of poland, found the mine in the th century. The wieliczka salt mine kopalnia soli wieliczka is full of layers of history, intrigue, art, and culture. Over the nine centuries of salt extraction the salt mine has transformed into an underground city in which a specific, therapeutic microclimate has developed. See all 157 wieliczka salt mine tickets and tours on tripadvisor. Wieliczka salt mine is one of the most precious tourist sites of poland. The polish journalist and novelist boleslaw prus described his 1878 visit to the salt mine in a remarkable series of three articles, kartki z podrozy wieliczka travel notes wieliczka, in kurier warszawski the warsaw courier, 1878, nos. We will be happy to arrange a special tour for you, depending on your individual preferences.

Wieliczka salt mine 2020 all you need to know before you. Wieliczka, the nazi death camp in poland not the salt mine. It is a historical site that for centuries has delighted tourists visiting unique tourist attractions in poland. Since 1990 the mine stopped digging down for salt, but it. Wieliczka salt mine is the top tourist attraction near royal. Underground adventure in wieliczka salt mines hidden. These sculptures include historical and mythical figures. The wieliczka salt mine, excavated from the th century, produced table salt continuously until 2007, as one of the worlds oldest operating salt mines.

Well, except for if you dont like being underground. Since work stopped at the wieliczka salt mine in 1996, it has become one of polands most popular tourist attractions and one of the countrys greatest sources of pride. The wieliczka salt mine in poland is the epitome of technological human progress. Established by the royal decree, wieliczka salt mine was the largest provider of table salt in the region and together with the bochnia salt mine was one of the oldest salt mines in poland. Find all the transport options for your trip from krakow to wieliczka salt mine right here. Management plan wieliczka and bochnia royal salt mines. Wieliczka salt mine can be crowded, so we recommend booking etickets ahead of time to secure your spot. The site is a serial property consisting of wieliczka and bochnia salt mines and. Its 190 miles 300 km of underground tunnels now contain a functioning sanatorium, a museum, and several chapels. Some 14km southeast of krakow, the wieliczka vyehleechkah salt mine has been welcoming tourists since 1722 and today is one of poland s most popular attractions. The unusual interiors of the wieliczka salt mine attract with their uniqueness and oneofakind atmosphere. Today, it is a city lying 500 feet underground with some of the most amazing architecture youve ever seen. An eerie world where everything has been carved from salt blocks, the wieliczka salt mine kopalnia soli is made up of a labyrinth of tunnels, the deepest of which lies 1,075 feet 327 meters underground.

In recent surveys it was pointed out as one of the wonders of the country. Stretching nine levels beneath the earth, polands wieliczka salt mine is roomy enough to fit the eiffel tower and then some. Fourteen kilometres southeast of krakow lies the small town of wieliczka vyehleechkah. The wieliczka salt mine is a very unique tourist attraction thats a short drive from krakow. In fact, the mine is quite estraordinary, and was inscribed in 1978 as one of the first 12 unesco world heritage sites.

It was a working salt mine for over 700 years, and now is one of the top tourist attractions in the area. A short drive southeast of krakow, this mine, included on the world heritage list, produced table salt continuously for over seven centuries. The mine reaches down to a depth of 327 meters 1073 feet, and is over 300 km 186 miles long. Throughout its history, the royal salt mine was operated by the zupy krakowskie krakow. Nowadays, it is mostly known for the wieliczka salt mine, which was declared a. Wieliczka salt mine is an incredible polish underground. The same area of the mine was recognised as a monument of polish history by the presidential decree of september 26, 2000. Heres a few facts about the wieliczka salt mine that you might find interesting. Wieliczka salt mine wieliczka, poland atlas obscura. Krakow to wieliczka salt mine 3 ways to travel via plane. Wieliczka and bochnia royal salt mines unesco world heritage. Rome2rio makes travelling from krakow to wieliczka salt mine easy. Official wieliczka salt mine guide will show you around the mine in your language. Wieliczka salt mine, krakow, poland a unesco world.

See all 152 wieliczka salt mine tickets and tours on tripadvisor. Wieliczka salt mine since the mine is well below the sea level, you only see a small building when you reach the entrance. Listed in the unesco heritage list, one of the worlds oldest salt mines produced table salt since the th century until the first decade of 21st century, when the extraction was discontinued due to the high expenses. It was one of the worlds oldest operating salt mines the oldest being in bochnia, poland, 17 miles from wieliczka. The wieliczka salt mine was built in the th century and produced table salt continuously until 2007, as one of the worlds oldest salt mines still in operation. It is said about him that he found a poland made of wood and left it made of stone.

Despite its long history, it still amazes all the visitors with long tunnels, chapels and salt sculptures. First mention of the existence of underground salt in wieliczka is found in writings of 1124, but its industrial utilization began in the 8 th decade of the th century. Wieliczka salt mine, which can be found 10km from krakow, is one of polands most popular tourist attractions, yet funnily i was unfamiliar with it before i arrived there. Entrance fees are already paid so you dont have to worry about anything. The wieliczka salt mine is located just outside of one of my favorite cities in the world krakow, poland.

Visit wieliczka salt mine on your trip to wieliczka or poland. Rome2rio is a doortodoor travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. History of the mine about the salt mines individual tourist. Theyll drop you off right in front of the entrance. The beginnings of the current mine are believed to have been primitively excavated after the discovery of a rock. That is less than 1% of the total length of the salt mine. Wieliczka historic salt mine hardcover january 1, 2004 by janusz podlecki author see all 3 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. In wieliczka also saline baths operated from as early as 1289. I didnt want to go down into a salt mine because i am claustrophobic.

Other articles where wieliczka salt mine is discussed. Wieliczka salt mine guided tour from krakow old town. A trip to the salt mine might be a great chance to visit krakow remarkable city of kings and ancient capital of poland. In 1964, the mining of rock salt in wieliczka was completely discontinued in favour of the industrial production of evaporated salt using the wet mining method. Wieliczka salt mine is where you may feel trapped underground for a while, but never as if it was a tourist trap. The salt mine in wieliczka polish culture at bellaonline. See all 149 wieliczka salt mine tickets and tours on tripadvisor. Wieliczka salt mine krakow salt mines cracow city tours. Wieliczka salt mine, a material culture world heritage site, with its over 1 million guests every year. The 10 best wieliczka salt mine kopalnia soli tours.

Salt was one of the most important items for trade in the middle ages, and this salt mine was power. Along the route are sculptures carved out of rock salt. But the marvels start to appear after you have descended about 400 wooden steps to reach the first level i. The wieliczka salt mine is an important monument of material and spiritual polish. Mark murphy experiences a vast salt mine located 20 minutes from the historic city of krakow. Opened during the th century, this mine is no longer a commercial mine. Wieliczka salt mine has been producing table salt since the th century. It is easily accessible from krakow and it is a good option for the day in case of bad weather. Unesco added the salt mine to the world heritage list in 1978. Wieliczka, poland this subcamp of the krakauplaszow concentration camp was created in the spring of 1944 and produced heinkel aircraft. It is one of the biggest tourist attraction located near krakow it. History of salt mining in wieliczka dates back to the th century.

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